The Bicycle Builders is simply a directory of information. Specifically, it's a directory of small businesses that create custom and hand-built bicycles. This might not be the fanciest site on the web but we hope it helps to spread the word about all of these small businesses. We don't charge anything for a builder to be listed in the directory and we don't get any kickbacks from the builders either. Although, if a t-shirt or some stickers showed up at our door, we probably wouldn't send them back. ;-)

Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have. If you're a builder we don't have listed, or if you know of one, please let us know. Also, let us know if you see any information for a builder that is incorrect or just plain missing. We do our best to keep the information presented here up to date, but please forgive us if there is something out of whack. We'll do our best to get it corrected as soon as possible.


We'd like to give a small bit of recognition to those that have helped get The Bicycle Builders up and running.